Caroline Haines

Nurturing New Mothers


Newborn Care & Characteristics Education
Guidance for Sleep Success
Breastfeeding Resources & Support
Bonding & Infant Massage Instruction
Gentle Yoga & Relaxation Techniques for Parents
Household Organization including Meal Prep, Chores, Errands, etc.
…and more. Whatever the new family needs, I am here for you. Click the Contact tab to get started.

It’s never too late for a postpartum doula. Evidence reveals that to fully integrate the physical and emotional changes of having a baby can take 2-3 years!

How it works
I work on an hourly basis. Currently I offer I sliding scale between $25 and $35 per hour. However, this is a heart-centered expression of my love for new families and I will work with you in any way possible. Click the Contact tab to get started.

Every family is unique. Ideally, we meet before the baby is born, so I can offer help as quickly as possible once you are home. In any case, I will arrive at your home ready to assist you with your needs on that day. Your needs, your moods, your baby, your home, and the seasons are all shifting with time; each new day we can discuss what would be most helpful.

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Scope of Practice
A Certified Postpartum Doula:

  • Provides non-biased support & guidance during the postpartum period
  • Supports the physical and emotional healing of the mother
  • Encourages successful breastfeeding and other infant feeding and bonding
  • Educates the family on newborn care and characteristics
  • Models and teaches effective communication
  • Encourages informed decision making
  • Provides information on resources for the mother and newborn
  • Assists with household organization
  • Encourages the family to parent in a manner that reflects their values and needs
  • Refers to healthcare professionals as necessary

Postpartum Doulas do not:

  • Diagnose medical conditions
  • Interpret medical diagnoses or clinical results
  • Prescribe or administer treatment for medical conditions
  • Perform clinical procedures
  • Take over complete care of the infant
  • Transport any family members