Caroline Haines

Nurturing New Mothers

About Us

In motherhood, we are consumed by the ever-present needs of our child or children. We are called to nurture them, protect them and show them values, and a life with meaning. The first weeks and months of being a parent can be a little overwhelming.

My job is to help you ease into parenthood, to help mom during her recovery from labor & delivery, to provide what the family needs, and support a positive start to your new life. I provide family nurturing in an authentic and kind way.

The “transition to motherhood” is an often-used phrase, but in my experience, you become a mother the instant the baby is born (long-labors notwithstanding). One moment not a mother, the next moment a mother, and father, and sibling. The days and years that follow are an acceptance, surrender and embrace that occurs over time.

While we are always parents to our children, we are also wives, sisters, daughters, partners, husbands, fathers, sons, etc. These relationships are critical as we find our ballast as parents. Much care and grace are required to achieve balance in our always shifting roles. I can help ease stresses and nourish you as the demands on your body and mind increase.

You and your family deserve the best start you can get. Allow me to assist you through the early weeks and months of your journey. I have no expectations or emotional history with your family. I support and honor the choices that you make and the decisions that are right for you.

About Me

This life is a gift, and my heart speaks loudly about how to spend our precious time. I want to be of service. I want to help where I can. A new family is a strong, stamina-filled unit in an intense period of change. Practically everything about your old life has now shifted with a new baby. I would like to help you navigate those early weeks and months, to care for you and your partner so you can give the best possible care to your baby.

My postpartum doula training with the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association is nearing completion. As a final step in the certification, I need to work with three families, and receive an evaluation to submit to the Association.

I look forward to being of service to you.

My own children are 14 and 9 years old, and I am constantly learning about myself through them. Through these years of motherhood, I have worked in a variety of professional settings. I was the Operations Director for both a Children’s Museum and a Financial Planning Office. I was a Professional Ski Patroller, then worked in a surgeon’s consulting practice. I have worked with low-income students in drop-out prevention and character building. I am always learning and growing through my professional endeavors.